18th Early Childhood Music Education  Commission International

Pre-Conference Seminar Sunday 8th – Friday 13th, July 2018


The Early Childhood Music Education commission - ECME - is one of seven commissions of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) with the special task to gather, collate and disseminate information on developments in the field of Early childhood music education around the world. Through biennial seminars hosted throughout the world, the commission provides a platform for researchers and practitioners to present their research and take part in debate and activities to further the development of the field.


To share and promote current ideas in early childhood music education that are based on research and best pedagogical practices and ensure every child's right to musical development, thereby enhancing the quality of children's lives.





The intent of this Commission is to further the quality of research and scholarship in the field of early childhood music education and, through that, to stimulate thought and the practice of music in early childhood throughout the world.



To promote music in the lives or all young children, our mission is to

*  provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas regarding the various ways in which

    children may participate in their own musical culture;

*  improve the quality of research and pedagogy in the field of music education world wide;

*  stimulate thought and effective practices in recognition of every child's right to music education;

*  examine the effect of music on children in changing societies.


The ECME Commission provides an opportunity to explore the fascinating and multifaceted musical world of young children.

Research papers, models of practice and workshops will give us possibilities to share knowledge in many respects. New developments in relation to young children, childhood and music education at home, in school and in communities, including the role of technology and media, will be presented.

In addition to daily presentations of research, practice papers, posters and workshops, we will share moments of singing together and daily discussion groups.

The ECME seminars take place since 1982

in different parts of the world.

2016 The Netherlands

2014 Brasilia

​2012 Corfu

2010 Beijing

2008 Frascati

2006 Taipai

2004 Barcelona

Dr. Patricia A. St.John 


Dr. Chee-Hoo Lum 


Dr. José Retra 


ECME commissioners 2016 - 2018

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Dr. Suzanne Burton 


Dr. Jessica Pérez-Moreno 


Dr. Claudia Gluschankof